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Donate to the Guild

Sometimes it is just time to clear out the stash of yarns that have accumulated in our homes or homes left to us. Think about donating gently stored yarn, needles, notions or knitting books to the Lighthouse Knitting Guild of Maine.  

See our guidlelines below...

    How to make your donation successful...

    • All donation requests must be approved by the Guild board officers before being accepted.

    • Donated yarn and/or knitting tools will be used at the discretion of the board of officers.

    How does the approval process work?  Submit the application form below. A board officer will do her/his best to contact you within 3 business days.

    Once your donation has been approved, please prepare your donation:

    • Make sure that the yarn is from a smoke free environment and free from any mold and/or critter infestation.  If your yarn may have been exposed to pets or allergens, please note.

    • Sort yarn by color, rolling any yarn not packaged into neat balls. Avoid winding the balls tightly as that stretches the fiber. Secure the yarn ball by tucking loose ends. Include yarn labels.

    • When labels are not available, please do your best to provide information about the yarn, including brand, the weight (the ply of the yarn) and fiber content.

    • All knitting needles should be rust free, straight and in matched sets (pairs of straight needles or 4/5 double pointed needles). We accept unbroken/unbent circular needles. 

    • Clean and intact knitting notions or accessories are welcomed.

    • Pack your donation neatly into a box or durable, water-resistant bag.

    • Delivery arrangements will be made once the donation has been approved and prepared. 

    • The Guild cannot pay shipping charges for donations.

    Image by Joy Ru

    Donation Application

    Please take a moment to fill out the form

    We will do our best to contact you in 3 business days!

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