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Guild Member Benefits

  • Attend monthly guild meetings to meet and learn from other experienced knitters—not to mention admiring all the various yarns choices and patterns that other guild members are working on.

  • Participate in Knit-A-Longs (KAL) while learning a new skill. Moderators actively support your learning, both online using Ravelry and during in-person meetings. 

  • Early registration or reduced fees to Guild-sponsored workshops by popular designers and gifted teachers.

  • Fill or trim your stash at the annual Spring Yarn Swap.

  • Wind your own cake. A yarn swift and ball winder available at meetings.

  • Borrow from the Guild’s lending library:

  • Contribute to charitable guild projects. Nothing feeds the soul like knitting for others in need.

  • Community outreach is part of our good works. Demonstrate knitting at a large community fall fair with member partners.

By giving LKGM permission to access and use your personal contact information you are allowing LKGM to use that information to build a membership directory.  The membership directory will only be accessible to members who have paid their annual dues. The information in the Membership Directory is only to be used for noncommercial, personal use.  LKGM prohibits the use of the information in the directory for any commercial, political or promotional use.

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