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The Lighthouse Knitting Guild of Maine (LKGM) was founded in 2015 by several friends who loved knitting. They met regularly becoming a local knitting guild.  Using the model established by The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA), they quickly joined this national organization. 

We are established in Windham, ME. LKGM 
meets monthly indoors, outdoors, and even by Zoom to deal with all elements. Members gather to enhance the art & craft of knitting, support each other, and provide education. 


At the guild, there's always someone available to help you learn and improve. The guild has sponsored guest instructors and designers to offer educational sessions for its members.


Photo by JanineL

Lighthouse Knitting Guild of Maine at a Glance


The Guild also seeks to give back to the broader community through charitable knitting efforts. 


Over the years members have knit hats, scarves and mittens for Winter Olympics Maine, shawls for hospice and hundreds of rectangles for the Warmup America. Most recently, hats and winter accessories were donated along with diapers to the Adoptive and Foster Families Inc and the Kinship Program which helps vulnerable children in Maine.


If you are looking to meet other knitters, please consider joining the Lighthouse Knitting Guild of Maine. We are proud to be a Knitting Guild that enjoys camaraderie and connection with knitters of all skill levels and ages.

2023-2024 Guild Officers

President - Claire B.

Vice President - Debbie S.


Secretary - Theo F.

Treasurer - Janine L.

VP of Communications- Jan LC

Lighthouse Knitting
Guild of Maine

Windham, Maine

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