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Many of our members submitted projects in the various knitting categories last year and won several ribbons! Now is the time to start planning your entry - the link to the Fair's exhibition book can be found by clicking on the brown button below.

Need Directions to the Fair?
Click on the Map Link below

LKGM Members! Come Volunteer with us at the Fair!

Sept 22-28, 2024

197 Blanchard Rd, Cumberland, ME

Click on the big green button above to go to our LKGM Members Only signup sheet to choose your shift day and time.

Our Guild Demonstration Booth
The Cumberland Fair is both a terrific educational event we use to share our love of knitting with our local community, and it's a marvelous fundraiser for the Guild.  In fact, it is our only fundraiser.  Because we volunteer to demonstrate knitting in the Exhibition Hall, the Fair makes a donation to our Guild.  LKGM Members have a booth area that we decorate with our knitting projects and then we sit and knit and talk with interested Fair attendees about the skill and art of knitting (how cool is that?!).  We like to have two members in the booth for each shift (our exception is Monday morning at the Fair, which is Ag Day, bringing in lots of eager to learn children, so we strive for four members for that morning). 


It REALLY is a lot of fun and you will be so appreciated!

LKGM Members - Just click on the big green button above to go to our signup sheet to choose your shift day and time.

The Exhibition Hall is open from 9am to 9pm daily.  Each day is divided up into three 4-hour shifts; from 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm and 5pm-9pm. There are 21 shifts for a total of 44 slots which includes the extra people on Monday morning.  So really, it's seven days of fun and opportunities for everyone to be involved!  Remember, the more shifts we can cover, the larger the donation to the Guild will be.  You will get a free pass into the Fair for each shift that you cover.  If you sign up for three shifts you will get a free weekly pass.  The deadline for signing up is September 1.  This will give us time to get the passes and have them available to hand out at our Guild September meeting.

Thank you for volunteering with us at the Fair!

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